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Presenter Information

Presenter Resources

New this year: USSD is working with Ovation, a communication skills training firm, to bring you resources to help you prepare for your presentation at the conference.

Ovation Introduction

We will have 2 live webinars about presentation structure and audience engagement. Keep an eye on your email for the sign up instructions and information on how to access the Ovation Resource library.

USSD PowerPoint Guidelines

Link to PowerPoint template

General Guidelines

Your company logo may only be on the first and last slide of your audio/visual presentation.

Please bring a copy of your presentation along with you to the conference as a backup on a USB drive or external hard drive.

Practice! Please make sure your presentation fits in the allotted time.

Keep text on slides to a minimum, visuals are encouraged.

Prior to the Conference

Confirm your participation time and location with your assigned moderators.

Upload professional headshot and biography.

Register for the conference. There is a discounted conference fee for those presenting at the conference. Register by early bird deadline for best pricing.

When you arrive at the Conference

When you arrive at the conference site, please go directly to the Registration Desk. The knowledgeable staff can provide you with the following services:

  • Check-In (Mandatory for all presenters)
  • Speaker ribbons
  • Directions to Presenter Ready Room (if applicable)

During your Session

Arrive early to your assigned presentation location. If you miss your time slot you will NOT have a chance to present at another time

After the moderator introduces you, position yourself at the podium and begin your presentation.

In accordance with USSD policy, please refrain from overt to extensive commercialism during your presentation.

Presenters should conduct themselves in a professional manner when referring to other persons, companies, or organizations in any part of their presentations.

Please define meanings of acronyms in your oral presentation as well as your visuals for the benefit of all attendees.

Each presentation is 20 minutes in length with 5 minutes for questions unless you have otherwise been notified.

The moderator will indicate to you how much time you have left with 5-minute and 2-minute warning cards. They will then indicate your time is up with a red card.

Please adhere to the time limit assigned to your presentation to keep sessions on track.

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