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INCA Event Schedule

General Schedule

Tuesday, 21 May

Opening Session  

Welcome and Conference Overview - Marty Teal, WEST Consultants, USA
Welcome from ICOLD - VPs of the Americas - Dean Durkee, USA and Joaquim Pimenta, Brazil (invited), ICOLD
Welcome to Puerto Rico - Puerto Rico Electric Power Agency (invited)
USA National Dam Safety Program - Kayed Lakia, FEMA, USA
Water Resources in Puerto Rico - Pully Torres, Torres-Rosa Consulting Engineers, USA
Special Award - Presented by Luis Vellacich, ITAIPU Binacional, Paraguay

Dam Safety Legislation, Why Needed & Barriers
(Moderator: Erick Campos, Costa Rica Electric Institute, ICE, Costa Rica)

Brazilian Experience: The Challenges of 12.334 Law and Impacts of a "New" Dam Safety Legislation - Ricardo Aguiar Magalhães, Consultant, Brazil
Argentinian Experience - Ailin Pertierra, Ministry of the Interior, Dam Safety Regulation, Argentina (invited)
Mexican Experience - Humberto Marengo, National Water Commission, Mexico
World Bank Experience - Felipe Lazaro, World Bank
Inter-American Development Bank Experience - IADB Invited
Panel Discussion

Emergency Planning and Response
(Moderator: Alejandro Pujol, Consultant)

MECODE: Disaster Cooperation Mechanism - Director General of the Secretariat of the Inter-American Defense Board (Invited)
US Army Corps of Engineers Emergency Planning for Rio de La Plata - Jason Needham, USACE, USA
Emergency Operations - Coordinating with Responders - Clare Raska, Canadian Dam Association
Workshops Integrating Owner Plans and External Emergency Coordination - Rafael Pereira Machado, Luis Gustavo Fortes Westin, and Ricardo Aguiar Magalhães, Brazilian Civil Defense and Disaster Coordination (invited)
Emergency Operations Data and Post-incident Recovery - Bill Kappel, Applied Weather Associates and Ed Beadenkopf, Atkins Realis, USA

Dam Safety Incidents & Case Studies - Part 1
(Moderator: Pascual Perrazo, Carpi, Venezuela)

Incident / Case Study 1: Incidents and rehabilitation of the foundations of the El Chocón and Paso de las Piedras dams, Argentina - Alejandro Pujol, Consultant, Argentina
Incident / Case Study 2: ITAIPU Integrated Dam Safety Experiences: " for ITAIPU Binacional SOAA Auscultation Analysis Optimization System " and " ITAIPU BINACIONAL Dam Safety Management System" - Ing. Ricardo Miranda, ITAIPU Binacional, Paraguay and Marcos Miranda Parque Tecnológico de Itaipu, Paraguay
Incident / Case Study Case Study 3: Qualitative Risk Analysis for Reventazón Dam - E. Campos, ICE, Costa Rica

Wednesday, 22 May

Dam Safety Incidents & Case Studies - Part 2 (Moderator: Angel Gutierrez, US Bureau of Reclamation, USA)

Incident / Case Study 4: Venezuela - Turimiquire Dam, Concrete Face Damages and 9.800 lps Leakage - Rafael Guevara, GLG Ingenieros Consultores, Venezuela
Incident / Case Study 5: Colombia - Daniel Toscano, Empresas Publicas de Medellin, Colombia
Incident / Case Study 6: Panama - Albano Aguilar, Panama Canal Authority, Panama
Incident / Case Study 7: Brazil - Construction of Water Storage Dams in Brazil: Strengths and weaknesses around 24 topics - Daiene Bittencourt Mendes Santos, Ricardo Aguiar Magalhaes, COL Luiz Antonio Dias do Carmo, Defense Superior College and Institutional Security Office of the Presidency of the Republic of Brazil (invited)
Incident / Case Study 8: Colombia - Camilo Marulanda, INGETEC, Colombia (invited)

Sedimentation I
(Moderator: Marty Teal, WEST Consultants, USA)

Puerto Rico Sedimentation Case Study - Greg Morris, GLM Engineering, USA
Water Injection Dredging: Tuttle Creek Lake Pilot Project - Zach Tyler, John Shelley, USACE, USA
Peruvian Sedimentation Experience - Miguel Suazo, Consultant, Peru
ICOLD Committee Activities - Marty Teal, WEST Consultants, USA

Sedimentation II
(Moderator: Axel Montalvo-Bartolomei, USACE)

Guatemalan River of Plastics - Paul Meeks, Worthington Products, USA
Reservoir Sediment Management Strategies - World Bank (invited)
Bathymetric surveying in the ITAIPU reservoir to monitor the advance of sediments - Giovanni Gomez Villa, ITAIPU Binacional, Paraguay
Sediments & Debris Management, Panel Discussion

Overview of Field Tour

Thursday, 23 May  

Field Tour

Lago Loiza & Carraizo Dam
Rio Blanco Dam
Lunch at Kioscos, Liquillo, Puerto Rico


Please note that simultaneous English-Spanish translation will be available for technical presentations.

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