Upcoming ICOLD Conferences and Workshops

2021 ICOLD 89th Annual Meeting, 27th Congress


November 12 - 19, 2021


Marseille, France

November 12-19, 2021 in Marseille, France

Visit the meeting website for more information http://cigb-icold2021.fr/en/

Circular 1960 contains information regarding papers and deadlines. You can find that document by logging onto ICOLD’s website: https://www.icold-cigb.org/

Circular 1973 contains information regarding the change of dates from June 2021 to November 2021.



2020 ICOLD 88th Annual Meeting & Symposium on Sustainable Development of Dams and River Basins


April 01 - 30, 2023


New Delhi, India

New Date Due to Coronavirus

ICOLD announced that it is postponing their conference in New Dehli, India, from 2020 until April 2023, due to the outbreak of Coronavirus.  The ICOLD conference brings together an international audience, many from the heavily impacted countries.

SPECIFIC DATES in April have not been determined yet.

Visit the meeting website for details: http://www.icold2020.org/