Previous ICOLD Conferences and Workshops

ICOLD Symposium on Sustainable Development of Dams & Rivers + APG Symposium on Water & Dams


February 24 - 27, 2021


New Delhi, India

ICOLD Congress 2021 Call for Papers


May 25, 2020


Marseille, France

USSD members are invited to submit abstracts of papers responsive to the ICOLD Congress Questions. USSD is allowed to submit 26 papers to ICOLD, with a maximum of 9 per Question. The USSD Committee on ICOLD Congress Papers will select the U.S. abstracts. Authors of selected abstracts will prepare a draft paper for review by the Committee, followed by preparation of a final paper that USSD will submit to ICOLD. ICOLD will not accept any submissions directly from authors.

Papers must be prepared in accordance with ICOLD guidelines (attached below). Please note that USSD will provide the required French translations of captions and the Summary, at no charge, if requested by the author.

Authors will be required to pay a page charge of 48 Euros per page (about US $52), as assessed by ICOLD. USSD will send invoices to authors following the Congress.

Authors are expected to attend the 27th Congress to discuss their paper, answer questions, and in some cases, make an oral summary of the paper (as determined by ICOLD). For more information about the Congress, visit