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Career Fair

April 23, 2024 Seattle, Washington


USSD is proud to host its first-ever career fair for students interested in internships and entry-level positions in the dam and levee industry. College students are invited to take part at USSD’s annual conference in Seattle, WA on Tuesday, April 23, 2024. This is not a typical run-of-the-mill career fair. There will be ample opportunity to grow your network and meet young dam engineering professionals and fellow students as well as many seasoned professionals. You have the opportunity to participate in several 10-minute meet-and-greets with potential employers in a variety of subdisciplines of the dam industry and learn about the exciting career paths that are possible. You will come out of this with a taste of the USSD conference, a newfound knowledge of the dam and levee profession, an expanded network of dam professionals, and leave entertained with several fun events and social activities planned throughout the day.

Register today! You don’t want to miss out on this exciting conference experience and career fair. You will learn a “dam” thing or two and have a “dam” good time doing so1.

Space is limited to 50 students.

  1. Dam puns intended and offered complimentary.

Conference location, details, and registration information can be found on the main conference page. Look for the Student option when registering

For Students

  • Exposure to all facets of the dam and levee profession (i.e., regulatory, consultants, government, owners, contractors).
  • Meet-and-greets with several employers from the dam industry interested in hiring interns and entry-level employees.
  • A designated agenda for you to maximize your time to network, absorb technical content, and take part in some fun activities.
  • Learn from student scholarship recipients about their research and fascinating ways they are impacting the industry.
  • Opportunity to connect with local university alumni who are in the dam industry.
  • BONUS: Have a “dam” good time!

For Employers

  • Access to several candidates with  10-minute Meet-and-Greet Interviews at USSD Conference.
  • Organic growth of training up the future leaders of the company and industry as a whole.
  • Identify talented students and connect them with company recruiters and offices in need of resources.
  • Opportunity to increase brand awareness at university campuses.
  • Instill passion into engineering students to choose a career in the dam and levee engineering profession.
  • Knowledge transfer, growth, and sustainability of the dam industry.
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