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2021 - 2025 USSD Strategic Plan

Dear USSD Member:

We are excited to present the 2021-2025 USSD Strategic Plan. This effort is a culmination of work by the Board of Directors, input from member surveys, and several member engagement zoom calls throughout the last couple of years.

The Strategic Plan is formed around four strategic domains: Advocacy and Awareness, Community and Connections, Education and Professional Development, Recruitment and Growth. Objectives and strategies were then identified for each of the four domains. Numerous strategies were identified from the many discussions, and although they may not be listed in the attached plan, they have been captured in a separate document which the Board can review annually and move into the plan as warranted. The objectives and accompanying strategies shown in the Strategic Plan were ranked the highest by the Board of Directors.

Also included is the separate 2021 Strategic Priorities. These were ranked most important or easily carried out, and several have already been implemented or are in progress. It is important to note that although no strategies were identified as a 2021 priority under Re-cruitment and Growth, several objectives and strategies under this domain touch those in other domains. While not a listed priority for 2021, given it is one of the strategic domains, work will begin as resources allow.

Education and training programs that offered a higher level of technical content were high on your list, and Education and Professional Development became one of the four domains. Forming an Education and Training Committee, one of the strategies identified was completed in 2020 and the committee continues to work on identifying relevant training programs.

We appreciate all the valuable input that was received prior to the plan being finalized. In reviewing this document, you can click on any objective and the links will take you to the individual domains.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we hope that you will take the time to review the plan and engage with us to advance it. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or any member of the Board with any questions or feedback.

Best Regards,

Sharon Powers
Executive Director

+USSD 2021-2025 Strategic Plan