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Position Statements & Endorsements


Sustainable Reservoir Sediment Management Plan (Spring 2018)

Investigation and Evaluation of Dam and Levee Failures and Incidents (Oct 2018)

USSD Endorsement of Proposed Best Practices for the Engineer of Record for Tailings Dams: USSD views this Proposed Best Practices for the Engineer of Record for Tailings Dams guidance document prepared by the Geoprofessional Business Association (GBA) as a comprehensive guidance document on the subject of the Engineer of Record for tailings storage facilities for the mining industry as a whole. The opportunity for USSD to collaborate with the GBA to review and provide input to the guidance document was appreciated. USSD endorses this document as a critical reference document for the industry.


Responsibility for Dam and Levee Safety (Aug 2019)

STEM Education (Aug 2019)


Dam Decommissioning (April 2020)


Principles of Sustainability for Dam, Reservoir, and Levee Systems (August 2022)

Securing Future Water Supplies (August 2022)


Resolution on Reservoir Monitoring (August 2023)


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