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Scholarship FUNds Dash

USSD’s Scholarship FUNds Dash

April 23, 2024, Seattle, Washington

Departs from the conference hotel lobby

Grab your colleagues and join us for a run (5K) or walk (3K) around Seattle to raise money for the USSD Kim de Rubertis Scholarships and have fun in the process! This year we will break into groups based on speed preference (welcome runners AND walkers) and a guide will take you on a tour of Downtown Seattle. In the spirit of raising funds for scholarships, you’re encouraged to sport apparel from your university.

Don't want to run or walk? You can still register and get a medal!

_ 24 USSD Run

NEW! Nominate a Dam for the 5K/3K Medal

As part of this event, we are creating a unique and memorable first-edition medal for 5K/3K participants and we would like to involve the local dam community in selecting a design that reflects the importance of dams in beautiful Washington state.


Nominate a dam in Washington State that you believe deserves to be featured on this special medal!


How to Nominate a Dam for the Medal:

1.      Nominate a Dam: Please nominate a dam or dams that you think are representative of the dam industry in Washington State. You can nominate multiple dams if you wish.

2.      Provide a Brief Description: Along with your nomination, we kindly request a brief description (maximum 150 words) highlighting the dam's historical significance, engineering achievements, and its impact on the local community and environment.

3.      Include a High-Quality Photo: If possible, attach a high-resolution photo of the nominated dam(s) to help us visualize the design.

4.      Send Your Nominations: Email your nominations, descriptions, and photos to by February 20th.


All nominations will be reviewed by our selection committee, composed of experts in the field, and three dams will be chosen for vote by Society members.

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