Membership Benefits

professional-societyUSSD the preeminent society in the U.S. for professionals involved with all aspects of dams and levees, including engineering, construction and rehabilitation, operation and maintenance, and safety of dams and levees. The society also addresses related contemporary issues such as environmental sustainability, dam decommissioning and public awareness.

USSD Members participate in the advancement of dam and levee technology by working on technical committees and attending USSD and ICOLD meetings, which provide an opportunity to establish relationships with water professionals from nearly 100 countries.

Members of USSD realize many benefits, including the following:

  • Strengthen your skills by working with professionals from around the U.S. and up to 100 foreign countries;
  • Access to all of the publications and programs of ICOLD;
  • Take charge of your future by having access to job listings exclusively for members;
  • Exposure to new technology and practice;
  • Have access to study tours of U.S. and international water, dam, and levee projects;
  • Take opportunities to publish technical papers at annual conferences, symposia in the U.S. and around the world, and in USSD’s professional publication;
  • Participate in delivering technical papers at workshops, symposia, webinars and other venues that highlight your professional values and insights into the future of dam and levee engineering practice;
  • Build valuable business, academic and government regulatory contacts from around the nation and the world;
  • Give back to your community by sharing your knowledge with others and by helping develop the best practices of today and tomorrow for a safer, cleaner, more productive environment and economy;
  • Build a stronger resume. Participation and leadership in the professional society of your chosen profession reflect well upon your desire to learn, grow and contribute to the community of practice.