The USSD Advocacy Committee serves as the clearinghouse to establish the position of USSD for any initiative that supports national, state, and local programs, legislation, and responses to significant events related to dams, levees, and water resources.

Keith Ferguson


p: 303-764-1546

USSD annually honors individuals and organizations through three awards: Lifetime Achievement Award, Award of Excellence in the Constructed Project, and Outstanding Paper Award. A President’s Award is given at the discretion of the President.

USSD scholarships are awarded annually to graduate students enrolled in dam-related programs.

Christina Stanard

Freese and Nichols, Inc.

p: 512-617-3120

Undertakes special studies, prepares reports and disseminates selected information regarding the use of concrete for dams or corollary topics.

Michael Rogers

MWH now part of Stantec

p: 858-751-1209

Dedicated to planning the annual USSD conference including developing the theme, identifying the conference host/sponsor, issuing the call for papers, assembling a group of members to review abstracts, developing the technical program, developing the technical workshops and technical tours, and identifying invited speakers and panel members.

Dina Hunt


Addresses the role of construction management and construction activities in building and maintaining dams and dam related infrastructure.

Daniel Johnson


p: 303-499-2240

Coordinates and exchanges information with other persons or groups in the United States and internationally that are interested in the decommissioning of dams.

Timothy Randle

Bureau of Reclamation

p: 303-445-2557

Promotes all aspects of dam safety and security through study, compilation and interchange of information on legislation, policy, technical developments and actual performance and security requirements of dams and reservoirs; maintains information by states as to the laws relating to safety and security of dams and compiles information on dam safety and security incidents or failures of dams. Develop programs and tools which gather and disseminate dam safety and security information, coordinate and provide dam safety and security training for USSD members, and establish cooperative arrangements and partnerships with other organizations for the purpose of enhancing the dam safety and security of dams within the United States.

Brian Becker

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Denver

p: 303-445-2776

Identifies seismic problems relating to dams, and when there is a need to develop new knowledge, collects and disseminates that information.

Lelio Mejia


p: 510-836-3034

Undertakes special studies, prepares reports and collects and disseminates data regarding the use of synthetic and natural materials in the construction of embankment dams.

Rachael Bisnett

MWH, now part of Stantec

p: 312-831-3188

Provides a clearinghouse and reference center for environmental concerns and effects resulting from existing and proposed dams.

Kelly Schaeffer

Kleinschmidt Group

p: 207-487-3328

Studies the overall engineering and geological aspects of foundations for large dams and their appurtenant structures, as well as the reservoir floor and rim. The impact these aspects have on safe performance of the project are also examined.

Douglas Boyer

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

p: 503-552-2709

Compiles, analyzes, develops and disseminates information relating to the hydraulics of dams and appurtenant structures. The scope of Committee activities includes water resources projects in the planning, design, construction and operations phases.

Martin Teal

WEST Consultants, Inc.

p: 858-487-9378

Coordinates USSD participation in ICOLD Congresses, including recommendations for Congress question topics and selection of USSD papers for publication in Congress Transactions.

Richard Wiltshire


Addresses levee issues, including levee systems, safety and safety programs, risk assessment and management, dam vs. levee concerns, levee security, peer and independent reviews, and other non-technical issues related to levees that are inter-disciplinary.

Elena Sossenkina


p: 303-318-6282

Maintains an active recruitment program for individual and organizational members, seeking to maintain a broad and balanced membership for all interests.

Compiles, analyzes and publishes information on the monitoring of dams for assuring continuing safe operations.

Christopher Hill

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

p: 562-900-7969

Keeps the membership informed on items of key professional interest and technical activities through the publication of the USSD Newsletter.

Phoebe Percell

Bureau of Reclamation

p: 303-445-3253

Promotes USSD to the general public, presents a balanced view of dams and assists committees and the Board of Directors with media communications.

Rebecca Ragon

Corps of Engineers

p: 703-428-6820

Develops, maintains and communicates programs and tools which gather and disseminate public safety and security best practices for and around dams.

William Foos

Gannett Fleming, Inc.

p: 771-763-7211, x2235

Promotes design, construction and operation practices to ensure safe tailings dams.

Tatyana Alexieva


p: 303-291-2175

The USSD History Committee shall establish priorities and then perform research and develop documentation of significant historical events, engineers, projects and failure case histories of importance to the USSD membership and broader community of practice for dams, levees, and related hydraulic and hydroelectric facilities within the US and Internationally.

Richard Wiltshire


The main role of the USSD Committee on Young Professionals is to increase membership and participation of young professionals, those 35 years of age and under, in USSD.

Amanda Sutter

Corps of Engineers

p: 314-331-8413