USSD Supports Orange County, CA STEM Program

OCSTEMThe United States Society on Dams is pleased to announce that at its recently completed 2017 Conference and Exhibition in Anaheim, California, USSD presented a check for $4,755 to the Orange County STEM program.

Pictured here is Leyla Riley, Executive Director of OCSTEM, and Dr. Suma Balachandran, Vice President of GENTERRA Consultants, USSD's local coordinator for raising the STEM donations.

USSD raises funds for a local Science, Technology, Education, and Math program in the community or region in which it holds its annual conference and exhibition. Started in 2016 in Denver, Colorado where USSD raised $3,500, the 2017 effort raised $4,755 in support of the STEM program that serves the STEM students of Orange County, California.