USSD Celebrates Engineers Week, Feb 19-24, 2017

USSD is proud to join hundreds of groups all across the nation in celebrating Engineers Week, February 19-24, 2017. This year's theme for Engineer's Week is "Engineers Dream Big!"

dream big

The IMAX movie, "Dream Big, Engineering Our World," is a magnificent celebration of the creativity and passion that embodies engineering beyond the math and science. The link above to the site for this movie provides a preview. Search here for a theater near you showing Dream Big.

The engineering community celebrated Engineers Week beginning in 1951 when the National Society of Professional Engineers initiated it. For the next several decades Engineers Week programs were local, disconnected, and mostly focused within the profession.

USSD's strategic plan carries powerful visions and aspirations for the engineering community of practice, many of which we are implementing this year in commemoration of Engineers Week.

  1. USSD's 2017 Conference in Anaheim, California features officials from CA DWR to discuss Oroville and related challenges in dealing with America's water infrastructure. USSD also brings a collaborative effort with the Canadian Dam Association, the CDA Dam Safety and Public Awareness Program, a two-day comprehensive program to train local officials in dam safety and keeping the public aware of dam safety issues.
  2. USSD believes in creating the next generation of the nation's great problem-solving engineers, and has joined the STEM Education Coalition to become involved in the national effort to strengthen and broaden STEM education in our nation's school system;
  3. USSD is signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the National Society of Blacks in Engineering, whose goal is the creation of 10,000 new black engineers a year by the end of the decade. We are proud to join with NSBE to promote public awareness of engineering and the opportunities for Blacks and other minorities in the profession;
  4. USSD has selected OCStem, a STEM program in Orange County, California, to support in recognition of our being in Orange County for our 2017 Conference and Exhibition. "Make a Difference in the Life of a Student," our fundraising effort, is championed locally by Mr. Joe Kulikowski of GENTERRA.
  5. In 2017 USSD will launch its Educate Imperative; an exciting combination of curricula for K-12 education focusing on dams, two new memorandums of understanding with groups with whom we will engage in cooperative efforts to further K-12 STEM education and excitement about the engineering profession, expanding our Scholarship program to enable us to help more undergraduate and graduate students to afford their engineering education, as well as expanding our symposia, workshops, conferences, white papers and other presentations into a new series of webinars to spread the important work of USSD worldwide.
  6. USSD played a role in securing the passage of the 2016 Water Resources Development Act in Congress and is involved in the national discussion on investment in the nation's critical infrastructure needs.

Here is a terrific video featuring Lt. Gen. Todd Semonite, USACE Commanding General and 54th U.S. Army Chief of Engineers, discusses National Engineers Week, which is observed this week.

National Engineers Week is a great time to reflect on the critically important work of engineers in our society.

At USSD, we celebrate that importance 365 days a year.