FERC NOI Seeks Comment on Dam Licensing Terms

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is seeking comments on whether, and, if so, how, to revise its policy for establishing the length of original and new licenses it issues for hydroelectric projects located at non-federal dams.

FERC on Nov. 17 noted that its current policy is to set a 30-year term where there is little or no authorized redevelopment, new construction or environmental mitigation and enhancement; a 40-year term for a license involving a moderate amount of these activities; and a 50-year term where there is an extensive amount of such activity.

In a notice of inquiry [Docket No. RM17-4], FERC outlines five potential options for establishing license terms: (1) Retain the existing license term policy; (2) Add to the existing license term policy the consideration of measures implemented under the prior license; (3) Replace the existing license term with a 50-year default license term; (4) Add a more quantitative cost-based analysis to the existing license term policy; and (5) Alter current policy to accept the longer license term agreed upon in an applicable settlement agreement.

h-1  Annual Charges for Use of Lands in Alaska

h-3 Establishing the Length of License Terms for Hydroelectric Projects

Comments are due by January 24, 2017.