2017 infrastructure outlook – AgriNews

WASHINGTON — At the time of the year when wish lists are something children make in the hopes that Santa will stop by, Paul Rohde has his own wish list. Actually, he’s got a couple.

“That’s an easy one,” said Rohde, vice president of the Midwest area for the Waterways Council.

He outlined the council’s hopes should the plan for a national infrastructure initiative to create jobs come to fruition under the Donald Trump presidential administration.

The first list involves funding to continue work on four existing inland waterways projects: Olmsted Lock and Dam on the Ohio River; Kentucky lock and dam on the Tennessee River; the Lower Monongahela Project on the Monongahela River in southwest Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia; and the Chickamauga Dam on the Tennessee River.

Rohde said construction was restarted on those four projects due to some changes in funding.

In December 2014, an effort to increase the taxes on barge diesel fuel by nine cents per gallon was approved by Congress, and the increase, from a user fee of 20 cents to one of 29 cents, took effect April 1, 2015.

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