Drought? What drought? The perils of water denial

This is from Ideas.Ted.Com First, the problem. Shortages of freshwater aren’t the future €” they are here now. Four billion people already face water shortages, with two thirds of the world’s population living under conditions of severe water scarcity for at least one month each year. Half a billion people face severe shortages all year […]

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As European glaciers dwindle, dams could replace them

From Democratic Underground Water management in reservoirs could substantially mitigate future summer water shortages, expected as a consequence of ongoing glacier retreat. This is the result of a study published in Environmental Research Letters and led by the Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL. The team simulated the effect of climatic change on glaciers across the […]

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Column: Hydro and wind power deliver savings and reduce carbon emissions

From the Eagle Tribune, covering Massachusetts and New Hampshire There’s no dispute that clean electricity is popular in the Bay State. A recent survey commissioned by the Massachusetts Clean Electricity Partnership (MCEP) found that 89 percent of Massachusetts registered voters support the use of additional renewable, clean energy. And 58 percent were comfortable with spending […]

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