FEMA 2021 Virtual National Dam Safety Program Technical Seminar – (VNDSPTS) – K8535

Grouting Fundamentals & Current Practice – 41st Annual Short Course

5th Asia – Pacific Group – International Symposium on Water and Dams (APG 2019) and its Exhibition

“USACE 2018 Supplemental Funding” 2019 Levee Coalition Webinars – January 10th and 30th

Target audience is non-federal levee sponsors, A/E community and Contractors. “USACE 2018 Supplemental Funding”. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers received supplemental funding for disaster recovery projects as part of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018. Approximately $17.39 billion was provided for disaster recovery across the country. The funds will be used for both long- and short-term disaster recovery projects. The webinar, presented by Ms. Yvonne Prettyman-Beck, USACE HQ National Program Manager, Emergency Disaster Supplemental Programs Integration Division, will provide an overview of the program, including allocation of funds across six appropriation accounts, implementation strategy, and schedule. Ms. Prettymn-Beck and her team will discuss (1) What projects are within the supplemental work, (2) How non-federal sponsors, AE community and construction contractors can support this work, and (3) Where the AE community and Contractors can get more information on specific projects and opportunities. Webinar #1 January 10, 2019, 10am-noon EST Webinar #2 January 30, 2019 3pm-5pm EST For more information and to register for these FREE webinars please click below.

The US Levee Safety Coalition Webinar Series

Chehalis Basin Flood Warning System — Free Webinar

ASDSO Webinar: Dam Owner Academy: Emergency Intervention Toolbox

ASDSO Webinar: Advances in Geologic Data Collection and 3D Geologic Modeling for Site Characterization and Safety Studies