Column: Hydro and wind power deliver savings and reduce carbon emissions

From the Eagle Tribune, covering Massachusetts and New Hampshire

There’s no dispute that clean electricity is popular in the Bay State. A recent survey commissioned by the Massachusetts Clean Electricity Partnership (MCEP) found that 89 percent of Massachusetts registered voters support the use of additional renewable, clean energy. And 58 percent were comfortable with spending more each month for clean electricity.

Now, an independent economic analysis conducted by Power Advisory LLP shows that clean hydro and wind will pay for itself while lowering wholesale energy costs across Massachusetts and New England. The detailed study provides an unequivocal answer to a small group of critics who question why the Bay State should import clean hydropower and wind power from Canada, New England and Upstate New York.

Economic modeling of the interaction between New England natural gas and electricity markets with and without clean energy imports yielded clear results: Clean electricity imports would exert downward pressure on wholesale energy prices, thus reducing the need for less-efficient power plants.

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