DOE’s 2015 Renewable Energy Data Book Shows Renewable Energy is on the Rise in America

The numbers are in and the verdict is clear: clean energy is on the rise, both at home and around the world. Last week, one of the Department of Energy’s national labs, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Colorado, released the 2015 Renewable Energy Data Book. This annual publication illustrates the rapid progress that the […]

International Symposium on the Mechanics of Internal Erosion for Dams and Levees

August 8-11, 2016 – Salt Lake City, Utah The International Symposium on the Mechanics of Internal Erosion for Dams and Levees will consist of two days of technical presentations and discussion, followed by a full-day field trip to the site of the 1976 Teton Dam failure. The scope will focus on the mechanics of internal […]

Drought? What drought? The perils of water denial

This is from Ideas.Ted.Com First, the problem.  Shortages of freshwater aren’t the future — they are here now. Four billion people already face water shortages, with two thirds of the world’s population living under conditions of severe water scarcity for at least one month each year. Half a billion people face severe shortages all year round, as freshwater comes under […]

As European glaciers dwindle, dams could replace them

From Democratic Underground Water management in reservoirs could substantially mitigate future summer water shortages, expected as a consequence of ongoing glacier retreat. This is the result of a study published in Environmental Research Letters and led by the Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL. The team simulated the effect of climatic change on glaciers across the […]

Column: Hydro and wind power deliver savings and reduce carbon emissions

From the Eagle Tribune, covering Massachusetts and New Hampshire There’s no dispute that clean electricity is popular in the Bay State. A recent survey commissioned by the Massachusetts Clean Electricity Partnership (MCEP) found that 89 percent of Massachusetts registered voters support the use of additional renewable, clean energy. And 58 percent were comfortable with spending […]


May 31, 2016 For Immediate Release Contact: Gene Guilford, U.S. Society on Dams,, 860-989-0756 Lori Spragens, Association of State Dam Safety Officials,                                                      , 859-550-2788 Linda Church Ciocci, National Hydropower Association,,                          202-750-8399 Theresa Engler, Deep Foundations Institute,, 973-423-4030 Lynn Badgley, American Society of Civil Engineers,,                                  703-295-6406 […]

USSD 2017 Annual Meeting Call for Papers – It’s a Small World: Managing Our Water Resources

On behalf of John Wolfhope of Freese & Nichols, Inc., President of the USSD Board of Directors, and Dina Hunt of MWH, Chair of USSD’s 2017 Annual Meeting Planning Committee, it is our pleasure to issue this Call for Papers for USSD’s 2017 Annual Meeting. Our 2017 event will be held at the Marriott Hotel […]

In the CPP Era, Hydro Is More Important Than Ever

As the US National Committee of the International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD), the United States Society on Dams (USSD) is the nation’s foremost organization for advancing the role of dams and levee systems in America, as well as for building the community of practice among the thousands of professional engineers who work on dam […]

Local officials drink in what the new Ragged Mountain Dam provides

“Cold and slightly damp, standing over a remote body of water collecting Thursday morning’s rainfall, local government and utility officials smiled as they held a toast to the world’s most important natural resource.”  From the Charlottesville Daily Post, May 5, 2016. Read the entire article here.

Wesleyan College Students Learn About Water Management

The Mount Higby Dam and Reservoir is a special place in the Middletown, Connecticut region. Thousands enjoy recreation in the Mt. Higby Preserve, that includes fishing, boating and swimming on Black Pond, adjacent to the reservoir, each year. The Black Pond Wildlife Management area, located within the Preserve, is home to hundreds of species of […]