Public Safety, Security and Emergency Management for Dams Recognition


Dams are identified in the National Infrastructure Protection Plan as a Critical Infrastructure.  Presidential Policy Directive 21 (PPD-21) notes, “Critical infrastructure owners and operators are uniquely positioned to manage risks to their individual operations and assets, and to determine effective strategies to make them more secure and resilient.” Individual efforts to manage risk are enhanced by a collaborative public-private partnership that operates as a unified national effort, as opposed to a hierarchical, command-and-control structure.[1]

Organizations, specific projects, and individuals have taken the call to lead the Dam industry in establishing public safety and security standards & guidelines, enhancing public safety and security and public safety controls, providing education and raising awareness, and staying situationally aware of changing and evolving threats and increased public safety risks.  The Physical, Personnel, Information, and Cyber components of a public safety and security practice are challenging enough for traditional buildings and structures, but their application to Dams presents a unique ability that requires professional artistry that shouldn’t go without recognition.  It is for this purpose that this recognition was established by the Committee on Public Safety, Security and Emergency Management for Dams.

[1] DHS NIPP 2013, Partnering for Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience p.1


Recognize an individual, organization, or project for their contributions in any of the public safety and security related areas that follows:

  1. Contributions through innovated ways in adapting public safety and/or security to a Dam project or water retention structure.
  2. Supporting or leading public safety and/or security education related to the Dam industry
  3. Contribution to and participation in various public safety and/or security related committees such as; i.e. DHS’ Critical Infrastructure Partnership Advisory Council related to Dams, ASIS Utility Public Safety and Security Council, and others…
  4. Demonstrated public safety and/or security program that illustrates a standard for the industry to adopt, in any or all the areas of;
    1. Physical Public Safety and/or Security measures
    2. Personnel awareness and training on matters of Public Safety and/or Security
    3. Information sharing, awareness, and exercises for the benefit of Public Safety and/or Security
    4. Cyber and IT security matters related to the industry
  5. Share experiences and best practices to prevent a public safety and/or security incident or repeat of an incident.
  6. Encourage advancement through the presentation of cases of excellence, best practices, and programmatic approaches, thereby encouraging others to improve their own program to increase public safety and/or security around dams.

Selection Criteria

The following ranking criteria will be used by the Selection Committee when evaluating nominations (see attached evaluation form);

  1. Contributions or attributes that support a Dam public safety and security program
  2. Improvements made and/or challenges faced that contributed to the public safety and security program in the fields of Physical, Personnel, Information, and/or Cyber security related to the Dam Sector.
  3. Means and Methods taken to ensure conformance of a good public safety and/or security program for dams
  4. Education and Training that provided the basis of supporting a public safety and/or security program.
  5. Documentation and structure case presented in support of the recognition nomination packet


Nomination Guidelines:

  1. Identify at least one of the six purposes above for which the recognition is being made.
  2. Provide as specific as possible those attributes associated with the identified purpose that merits recognition (In what way is this special compared to the industry?).
  3. Provide illustrations, examples, or sources that can be referenced that support the recognition of the individual, organization, or project as related to public safety and/or security.
  4. Provide an individual resume, or organization/project profile that can provide the background for supporting the nomination to the review committee for the “Public Safety and Security of Dams Recognition.”
  5. Highlight any or all items that support the recognition packet that include public safety and/or security related education and training both internal and external to the associated organization, or improvements made or challenges faced, possibly as a result of a public safety and security incident.
  6.  Nomination should be no longer than 8-pages including text, figures, and photographs.

DEADLINE FOR NOMINATIONS has been extended to March 5, 2022