Lifetime Award


This annual Award recognizes individuals who have made a difference to the dam engineering profession, through their leadership, inspiration and technical contributions.

The winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award is announced at USSD’s Annual Meeting and Conference.

Selection Criteria

The recipient of the Award may be any recognized dam engineering professional. Nominations are invited from USSD Members. Who has made a difference to you in your professional development? Who has shaped the technical direction of one or more dam engineering disciplines? Who has been a leader in advancing dam safety? Who has been a leader in demonstrating the benefits of dams?

Judging and selection of the Award winner will be made by a panel of three USSD Members, including one member of the Board of Directors.

Ranking of nominations will be based on the following criteria:

  • Significant contribution to advancing the state-of-the-art of dam technology (a sustained effort or a single breakthrough)
  • Significant contributions — as a key designer, manager or advocate — to major dam project(s)
  • Significant advancement of public understanding of, or support for, the role and contribution of dams to benefit society
  • Significant leadership in developing regulations, policies or standards for dams and dam safety

Nomination Procedure

Prepare nomination package as a PDF file as follows:

  • Limit the package to no more than five pages, including letters of endorsement.
  • Include Name of Nominee and Nominator(s).
  • Provide justification to support the nomination addressing the selection criteria that apply.
  • Include one or two letters of endorsement.

Submit the nomination package using the online form.

Nominations need to be received on or before February 26th of the year in which the nominee is to be considered. Here is an example of one former nomination: