Constructed Project


The U.S. Society on Dams is accepting nominations for the Award of Excellence in the Constructed Project. This annual Award recognizes the significant contributions made to the dam community and to society through the construction and remediation of water resources projects. The Award will honor an individual or team of professionals who meet the challenges of the nation’s aging infrastructure in an era of limited financial resources and increasing environmental awareness.

The winner of the Excellence in the Constructed Project Award will be announced during the Awards Banquet at USSD’s Annual Meeting and Conference.

Selection Criteria

Nominations are invited from USSD Members. The team recognized for the Project Award may include design professionals, consultants, contractors and dam owners and may include individuals, companies, agencies or organizations.

The Award will be given for new construction or remedial construction of a dam or other water resource structure (dam removal will be considered remedial construction). Work must have been substantially completed at the time of nomination submittal.

Judging and selection of the Award winner will be made by a panel of four USSD Members, including one member of the Board of Directors.

Ranking of nominations will be based on the following criteria:

  • Best use of the resource for sustainable water resources management
  • Innovative design or construction techniques
  • Efficiency of design (cost, materials or time)
  • Overcoming significant challenges — technical, physical, management
  • Benefits resulting from the project construction

Nomination Procedure

Prepare nomination package as follows:

  • Limit your nomination package (PDF format) to no more than five pages, including photos and figures.
  • Include Name and Location of Project.
  • List the individuals or organizations to be recognized for the award.
    • For individuals, include the name(s), organization, address, phone and e-mail.
    • For organizations, include the name of the organization, the contact person at that organization and the address, phone and e-mail.
    • Indicate whether each individual or organization is an Owner, a Contractor or a Consultant (a plaque or similar token of recognition will be presented to a representative of the Owner, the Contractor and the Consultant).
  • Include brief physical description of the Project. Include plan and section views (required) and photos (if appropriate).
  • Include brief description of the problem or challenge (i.e., reason for the construction).
  • Include justification to support your nomination of this Project. Please address the criteria that apply.
  • Include Name of Nominator and contact information.

Submit the nomination package using the online form.

Nominations need to be received on or before February 15th of the year in which the nomination is to be considered. Here is an example of a previous nomination: