USSD’s 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award

deRubertis_croppedUSSD’s 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Kim de Rubertis, recognizing his 54 years of civil, geotechnical and construction engineering experience. He has participated in the design, construction, remediation and emergency repair of more than 80 dams and numerous hydraulic structures worldwide. He has performed dam safety inspections as an independent consultant for over 35 years, and has served on Boards of Consultants for design reviews and development of remedial measures for a number of dams in the Pacific Northwest. Through his technical papers, conference presentations and workshops, his emphasis on the human factor in dam safety and, in particular, the role that human error has played in dam safety incidents has helped to bring the subject to the forefront of the dam safety community. He has mentored, educated and supported thousands of engineers during his extraordinary career spanning more than five decades.