USSD Awards

USSD honors individuals and organizations with the following awards:

Lifetime Achievement

USSD honors an individual whose lifetime of dedication and achievement has contributed significantly to the dam engineering profession.

Excellence in the Constructed Project

This Award recognizes the significant contributions made to the dam community and to society through the construction, remediation or removal of a dam or water resources structure. The Award will honor an individual or team of professionals who meet the challenges of the nation's aging infrastructure in an era of limited financial resources and increasing environmental awareness.

President's Award

The USSD President selects this award to recognize a Member who has provided exceptional service to the Society.

Outstanding Paper

This annual award recognizes the outstanding paper presented during each USSD Conference.

Outstanding Paper by a Young Professional

This annual award recognizes the outstanding paper presented by a Young Professional during each USSD Conference.

Outstanding Poster Presentation

This annual award recognizes the outstanding poster presentation during each USSD Conference.

Previous Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award

2015 — Joseph L. Ehasz

2014 — Alan L. O'Neill

2013 — John J. Cassidy

2012 — Eric B. Kollgaard

2011 — Glenn S. Tarbox

2010 — Arthur H. Walz, Jr.

2009 — William B. Bingham

2008 — Ralph Peck

2007 — Richard W. Kramer

2006 — Thomas M. Leps

President's Award

2015 — Michael F. Rogers

2015 — Larry D. Stephens

2013 — Ronald A. Corso

2011 — John J. Cassidy

2009 — Eric B. Kollgaard

2007 — Constantine G. Tjoumas

Excellence in the Constructed Project

2015 — Removal of Elwha and Glines Canyon Dams

2014 — Snoqualmie Falls Hydroelectric Redevelopment Project

2013 — Deep Creek Watershed Dam 5D Project

2012 — Big Tujunga Dam Seismic Rehabilitation and Spillway Modification Project

2011 — Ridges Basin Dam

2010 — Taum Sauk Upper Reservoir Dam Restoration Project

2009 — Lake Lenexa Dam and Spillway

2008 — Lake Brazos Labyrinth Weir

2007 — Pine Brook Dam

2006 — Saluda Dam Remediation Project

2005 — Guanella Dam and Reservoir Project

Outstanding Paper Award

2015 — Jay Stateler, Bureau of Reclamation

2013 — William R. Swanson, MWH Americas

2012 — Michel Jubran, MWH

2011 — E.F.R. Bollaert, AquaVision Engineering Ltd.

2010 — Lewis E. Hunter and Ronn S. Rose, Corps of Engineers; Bruce R. Hilton and William McCormick, Kleinfelder, Inc.; and Todd Crampton, AMEC Geomatrix, Inc.

2009 — Patrick J. Regan, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

2008 — Gregg A. Scott and Barbara L. Mills-Bria, Bureau of Reclamation

2007 — Alan F. Rauch, Jeffrey S. Dingrando and Thomas Pace, FMSM Engineers; and Robert Van Cleave II and Mark Harris, Corps of Engineers

2006 — Guy S. Lund, URS Corporation

2005 — Ross Boulanger and I. M. Idriss, University of California, Davis

Outstanding Poster Presentation Award

2015 — Meghann Wygonik, Corps of Engineers

2013 — Mason Ghafghazi, University of California, Davis

2012 — John Ruhl, Black & Veatch Corporation

2011 — B. Dasgupta, D. Basu, K. Das and R. Green, Southwest Research Institute

2010 — E.F.R. Bollaert, AquaVision Engineering Ltd.

2009 — Jay N. Stateler, Bureau of Reclamation; John Anevski and Doug Oellermann, Bureau of Indian Affairs; and Michael Brown, Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes

Outstanding Young Professional Paper Award

2015 — Brian Hart, Bureau of Reclamation

2013 — Jack Montgomery, University of California, Davis

2012 — Hillery Venturini, Bureau of Reclamation

2011 — Everett L. Litton and Dennis Hogan, Black & Veatch Corporation

2010 — R.J. Armstrong, California Department of Water Resources. The paper was co-authored by Ross Boulanger, University of California, Davis; and M.H. Beaty, Beaty Engineering.

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